Around a year ago, after reviewing the Instagram accounts I was following I began to notice a theme that the majority of professional photographic Instagram accounts utilise a white border around the images that they post, which allows for their full photograph to be displayed when their page is viewed as a whole, as opposed to the square crop that is added as part of Instagram's formatting.
I have been using the same white border on my own posts, yet my style of photographs have recently changed to where I do not think they suit the format so much anymore. I found the Instagram page @ssannmm whose photographs have a similar style to the images I have been making myself recently. This account does not use the white borders that I have seen across the platform, and so I used an Instagram planner app called 'Preview' to test what my instagram would look like if I used the same close-knit format as the profile I had seen. 
I will need to consider this change thoroughly before undertaking it, as I will need to determine wether this change will sustain my long time work, as I may begin to move away from this close up style that I am currently working with, to return to the wider landscape scenes that benefit from using the white borders, to present the whole image within your personal feed.
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