With a business account on Instagram you are provided with the ability to promote your posts to boost the amount of accounts your work is able to reach.

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An Instagram paid promotion enables you to pay to have your chosen post promoted across the platform, to target a specific audience of your choosing, which you can choose through a set of headings similar to hashtags, or an automatic one in which Instagram will target accounts similar to your existing followers, which makes it important to keep your eye on your analytics so that you are aware who this will be targeting. 
The process to promote a post is incredibly streamlined and easy to use, and can be completed in less than two minutes. a promotion can run from 1-30 days, with the daily budgeting running between £1-£1000 a day, with the longer duration and higher budget garnering a greater result, as you will reach a greater volume of accounts.
The more specific you are with your audience creation, the more likely you are to receive greater interactions with your sponsored posts, as you will be catering the promotion to people who are already interested in your type of work, and so therefore these types of people will be more likely to respond to the post and choose to follow your account for the future work you produce. 
A paid promotion can be a great tool for a photographer looking to begin selling their work, as it can gain more interest in their products and therefore can gain the artist more interest and revenue from their prints, books or zines and in turn can gain new followers from promoting these kinds of products.
Promoted posts can be advertised in many different ways across the platform including a classic post, and included within the temporary stories at the top of the platform.
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