Unlike Ball, Niall's website chooses to show a small collection of his imagery in one place, rather than focusing upon, and creating individual pages for entire bodies of work. He instead chooses to prioritise providing detailed information about his numerous publications and exhibitions, and has a page dedicated to selling prints of his work. ​​​​​​​
 McDiarmid has a much greater quantity and variation to the work he posts on Instagram in comparison to Ball, with a large 1.5k posts. This high quantity of posts provides any viewer with the full scope of the work produced by McDiarmid, and his feed continuously features the same bright colours throughout the imagery he posts. 
This same bright variation of imagery is carried through to his website, where on the front page we are greeted with a similar grouping of images that display a clear connection to the style of imagery present within his instagram portfolio.  
Once again, McDiarmid has provided a link to his website in the 'bio' of his instagram page to provide visitors with further information about his work, as an instagram page acts as a portfolio of work, that leads people to the photographer's personal website to gain further information and view further imagery. 
Unlike Ball, and many other photographers, McDiarmid has chosen to omit using white borders around his posts, yet this seems to be due to his use of 6x6 in the majority of his image making, which makes his posts more ideally formatted to the square size utilised by Instagram.

Looking at the online presence of these two photographers in particular helped in shaping the look of my own website, as I have noticed elements used by both practitioners that I have utilised, such as the home page featuring a gridded collection of imagery from different projects, and also a dedicated page for each of my different projects, similarly to Ball.
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