As previously discussed, an online presence is an incredibly important tool in the modern age of Art and Photography in particular, so in these next two posts we are going to be looking at the work of two photographers who work with similar subject matter, but who present their work in different ways, Rob Ball and Niall McDiarmid. 
When first opening up Ball's website, you are not immediately aware of the work he produces, as the home page shows a singular black and white image of a tree. This is a small amount of information to provide as a first impression to your work, and places trust in the visitor to begin to explore his eight pages of work.​​​​​​​
When travelling through his website you are able to see various bodies of work that have been neatly filed under their respective project titles in a series of pages located to the left of the website. This provides enough information about the specific bodies of work for the visitor to refer to. The images within each sub-page are laid out in a grid formation that allows the visitor to scroll through the body of work without needing to click through them allowing for an ease of viewing. 
Ball's Instagram, although sparsely populated with work, shows a connection to that displayed on his website, namely through his incorporation of the a similar photograph of a palm tree that can be found on the home page of his website. His Social media platform provides the visitor with all the relevant information needed about his working practice, including his job titles, affiliation with the Photographers Gallery and a link to his website within the 'bio' of his page and within his 'stories' he showcases his publication Funland being featured within news articles.

This is a fine example of coherence throughout an online presence, and a clear and concise presentation and representation of the type of work he produces, with a simplistic layout that is easy to navigate, whilst providing the viewer with all the information needed about each specific project within his website. This coherence is strengthened through the use of links present on both his Instagram page and website that connect the two platforms together. 
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